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How AccuWeather engages adblock users, without interrupting them





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How AccuWeather engages adblock users, without interrupting them
By Neera from Blockthrough • Issue #10 • View online
Hello and welcome to the September issue of Inside AdTech!
If there’s one thing we know about Internet users: It’s that they hate being interrupted. In fact, interruptive experiences are the primary driver of ad avoidance and the growth of adblocking.
This is why engaging adblock users with a “messaging wall” is a bad approach. Most users install an adblocker hoping to avoid precisely the kind of experience perpetuated by whitelist request pop-ups.
Steve Mummey is the SVP of Digital Ad Revenue and Technology at AccuWeather—the global leader in commercial weather forecasting. Here’s what he says about their experience with a messaging wall:
We tested a handful of solutions, including a message wall approach. While we did see a conversion rate of around 10 percent, we felt the combination of the friction of a message wall, plus the code needed to run the wall, ran counter to our broader goal of providing the most accurate weather forecast to all users as fast as possible.
After their experiment with the messaging wall, AccuWeather switched over to Blockthrough’s adblock recovery solution, which filters ads based on compliance with the Acceptable Ads Standard.
Since then, AccuWeather has recovered over 240 million (and counting) adblocked impressions. But the best part? They are able to achieve these results without interrupting their users with annoying pop-ups or notices. Read more in our case study here.
Here’s what else you’ll find in this newsletter:
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